Thanksgiving 2016

Hope everyone in the family had a great Thanksgiving!  We had a full house here at the Knisely’s! The Brau family, the Fritzsche’s and mom, which is probably the biggest crowd we’ve had here for Turkey Day.

We nearly had a disaster when the turkey drippings caught the oven on fire! Literally on fire, I was about 10 seconds away from hitting it with the fire extinguisher, but we finally got it to go out with some baking soda and having the oven off, but it was close to ruining the whole day.  Could have been the fact that we had a 27 pound turkey in the oven! I didn’t even know they grew them that big. On top of that I did a 18 pound turkey in the fryer, so we had a LOT of turkey here.  We also had a tremendous amount of stuffing; Laurie had me cut up 8 large loaves of bread! As you’ll see in one of the photos it was literally a tub of bread, and I do believe my expert cutting technique lead to the awesome flavor of the stuffing.

The dinner was really spectacular!

It was also a special day as it was Mom’s birthday.  We were lucky to spend the day with her.  If you forgot, be sure to wish her a belated Happy Birthday.

Some of us went out bowling the next day, which was fun, but served to point out that we are not ready for the PBA just yet.  And finally, we made some homemade chips in the fryer on Saturday, which were delicious!

Here is the album from 2016’s Turkey Day.

Thanksgiving 2016 / Google Photos

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